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Providing care where you are

It's easy to feel lost in our mental health care system.  It can take weeks (or even months) to get an appointment and many can feel like they are not truly heard by their practitioner.  Often appointments can feel overly clinical or just focused on your answers on forms or questionnaires. Some feel that medications are suggested haphazardly without knowing alternatives.  Northern Oak Wellness was created to help bridge this gap and focus on mental health care as it should be. Collaborative, goal oriented, and focused on your story, not just your symptoms.

 While we prescribe medications, we recognize that medications are only one piece of the mental health treatment puzzle and we strive to discuss what factors are contributing to your mental health concerns and non medication ways to address these concerns.  At Northern Oak Wellness, we partner with you to help envision and create a life where you can feel resilient to lifes challenges.  We are perpetual learners and are always seeking out new knowledge in this ever changing field.   We are also happy to meet you where you are, literally. By providing exclusively telehealth services you can be located anywhere in Minnesota and receive care. 

We provide care for individuals 18-64 who reside in Minnesota.  Due to licensing regulations, you must be physically present in Minnesota at the time of your appointment. 

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We're doing things a little differently

Appointments that aren't rushed

With appointment times that are often double the length of typical psychiatric appointments, we have time to actually talk about your concerns

Focus on learning 

One of our favorite things is explaining options, discussing pros and cons of different medications, and talking about how medications work.  For individuals who really like to dive deep, we also like to provide plenty of reading material to go further into education.  Questions are encouraged and if we don't know the answer, we'll find it out for you


You're in the driver seat of your care.  We are treating you as a person, not your diagnosis.  Our care philosophy is explain your options and discuss with you what would be the best fit for your life and symptoms. 


Medication should never be the only answer.  We strive to look at the whole picture and provide you with recommendations that go beyond medications.  That may include working on sleep hygiene, lifestyle changes, using certain supplements, or exercise. 

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